Medina Chocolatier

The Sweet Story

ec_badge_limeLos Angeles-based Master Chocolatier, Patty Medina received her training at the Ecole Chocolat professional school of chocolate and became certified as a Professional Chocolatier. She then went on to receive her Master Certification under the guidance of Maître Chocolatier, Joanne Mogridge of Cocoa West in Vancouver, BC. In 2010, Patty had the good fortune of continuing her training at FIKA in NYC with Håkan Mårtennson, one of Europe’s most respected and admired chocolatiers and gold medal winner of the 2008 Culinary Olympics, where she further developed her technique in the art of making fine chocolate.

Patty is excited to bring her distinctive chocolate creations to you.

Made with Love

Ah, chocolate.

The very word brings to mind warm, comforting, and celebratory images.  We celebrate the holidays and special occasions with chocolate.  We give chocolate as gifts to others, and as treats to ourselves for the pure joy and deliciousness of it. 

I became a Master Chocolatier for one reason – love.

To me, love means family, friends, good food, fun, laughter and conversation. 

I love the look on a person’s face when you present them with a beautiful box of chocolates, and I know many of you do as well!

Medina Chocolatier is a boutique chocolate company specializing in handcrafted chocolate bon bons, truffles, and confections. As a chocolatier, my approach is artisanal, my chocolates are made in small batches, and the focus is on freshness, quality, and flavor. 

I love creating interesting flavor combinations for people to discover and savor.  I work with teas and spices on a seasonal basis and offer many different types of truffles and hand-dipped chocolates at my live events and online during the holidays.

My kitchen is located at the Chefs Center of California, in Pasadena, CA. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I hope you will join us!